Web Development

Our Development team is well experienced and in deep technically skilled, where they can develop the difficultive web applications like this. We are specialized in web dvelopement services, where we work on several frameworks, but the languages we use to built the applications are PHP, Mysql, Javascript and Jquery. We also take care in Content management system, where we choose the appropriate framework based on the projects type.

below we have listed few frameworks which we work on and where we are specialized

  • We are best and top in Opencart
  • Good and well in Wordpress
  • Moderate and well managed in Drupal
  • Outstanding and rich experienced in Codeigniter
  • Can be get the work done in Joomla & magento

Development Catageories


E-commerce is of different types, the business and the popularity is depends upon the presentation of e-commerce. People checks for the easy way of e-commerce in all the types though now e-commerce has its success in all the way.
  • Shoppingcart Applications
  • Holtel Booking Applications
  • Movie Booking Applications
  • Ticket Booking Applications

Tour & Travel

Tours & Travel Applications are trendy in present days, more over these are booming platform applications. People checks for the easy ways of Travel in all the ways and they search for nice and easy applications for bookins.
  • Holiday Booking Applications
  • Flight Booking Applications
  • Transport Booking Applications
  • Cargo and Goods Booking Applications

Beauty & Fashion

The most attractive websites at present are beauty and fashions, they are so glossy and colorfull. every customer likes the colorful and glossy websites in beauty and fashions catageory, though we develop the same feel applications.
  • Beauty websites
  • Style and Spa websites
  • Fashnion and trends websites
  • Comestics websites


Educational field needs a fast loading website, as they will have so much of data to upload wisely, here development plays an important roles, and ofcourse the user interface also has to be attractive and we do the needful.
  • Educational Institute Websites
  • Student Data Management System
  • Library Management System
  • E-Learning Applications

News & Media

These applications will be having bunch of content and will be updating every day, so these even has to be quick loading and clear and easy to understand layout designs. We have better experience in developing these applications
  • News paper Websites
  • News and Updates Websites
  • Media Websites
  • Journalism Websites

Blogs & Forums

Blogs and Forums web applications will have more traffice every day, and users will be keep posting every day, and users only look for the information they want on forums, sp poping up the user need is must, and we do that perfectly
  • Blogging Applications
  • Forum Applications
  • Informatic Applications
  • Discussion Applications
For more deatils about development services, Feel free to contact us